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The animations and character design were so adorable and it was an enjoyable watch all the way through. Good luck with the game.

Another awesome episode that shows how far you have improved not just in animation but writing as well.
I know it was the joke that Mario and the gang didn't notice Wario and Waluigi, but I'm glad to see them interact with Luigi and Yoshi, makes them feel more connected with the story.

Spoiler territory: I like how Yoshi gets powered up by the Chaos Emerald here but got beaten up even more brutally than in the original. Metallix is someone not to be messed with.

I have no idea when the next episode will come out, but I wish you the best of luck working on it.

It's hard for me to say it, maybe it's because I haven't gotten to read the comic yet and therefore don't know them well enough, but the jokes didn't do it for me.
I mean, the voice actors did a good job and I know that Benjamin can make some good scripts as seen in his videos.

As I see it so is my score not gonna be as high as some others, but there may be a chance I will appreciate it more after reading your comic.

GirlyWolfPup responds:

I would also say it could be that the style of humor just isn't for you personally which is entirely possible.

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Aw yeah, the cute hellhound now thick. :3

Such a cute Renamon and a pregnant one are especially cute! I love it! <3<3<3

Adorable work, she looks really great and her clothes are nice as well. ^^

Sometimes a Lucario, sometimes a jackal, and sometimes a bit hyena woman, but in the end so am I an artist who got dreams for the future.

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