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Sometimes a Lucario, sometimes a jackal, and sometimes a bit hyena woman, but in the end so am I an artist who got dreams for the future.

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I know it's late, but happy new year.

I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and even though I knew how most people hated it so couldn't I help but like it.
Yes, I thought it was good. Though I admit there are some flaws and I understand if there were something that made people not like it and call it bad, so I can respect your opinion.
Except if you say that it's the worst Star Wars movie, because the worst movie is The Phantom Menace.

In other news, maybe not news, but I'm continuing my work on issue three of Magical Guardian Magus Doe and I'm also working on my second book while I wait to hear from the publisher what they think about the first book.

I may get the chance to draw other stuff and upload them too this month, but who knows?
Of course, if I get a commission so will I prioritize finishing it first.
And I'm always open for commissions, so take a look at my commission info and say if my prices are good.

So what can I expect of this year?
If my book is getting sold so will it certainly help me not just to pay my bills, but it will most certainly be easier to save money if the ammount will be higher than I have been getting last year.

I hope to buy Animal Crossing when it comes out in March, and thankfully there's nothing coming out in January and February that I'm interested in getting.
...well, I plan on watching Sonic the Hedgehog in cinema to see if it's good or not, I have no idea if it will be as good as Pokémon Detective Pikachu (have to use the full title so you don't mix it up with the game).

If I have enough money, then I will hopefully be able to afford taking a vacation somewhere (like Disneyland Paris, or anywhere else in France if I feel like knowing that country better).

If you read this journal all the way here, then I got a question for you.
What's your hopes for this year?

That's all, and I will see you all next time!

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