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Sometimes a Lucario, sometimes a jackal, and sometimes a bit hyena woman, but in the end so am I an artist who got dreams for the future.

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Hi everyone, I know it may be late to make such a journal, but there's things I wanted to make sure of, like what happened today...
I got a job today, well technically it's more of a job practice but hopefully that will help me with getting an actual job, but in the meanwhile so will I be working on designing cards, brochures and anything else that the workplace is asked to make, and when I'm not doing that so can I experience myself in some softwares as free courses, which certainly could help with my artistry.

I will start early in the mornings until 12 so I'm free the rest of the day and I also don't work on weekends.

I believe it will affect when I can stream and I already had trouble getting myself motivated to stream most of the times, hopefully I will find a solution to this.

For other things well, I have been wondering about making Alexis my main sona but still keep Cyborg-Lucario as a kind of brand recognition.
I do love being a cyborg Pokémon superhero, but I also love being a BBW hyena.
I'm not gonna scrap my other fursonas though, so don't you worry about that.

Even with all that so do I hope I will find the time to draw and write my books, and hopefully try to work on my videos since it's been a while since I made anything for my Youtube channel.

I hope you're all doing alright in these times, but this has been Cyborg-Lucario and until next time, so see ya!

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