Sometimes a Lucario, sometimes a jackal, and sometimes a bit hyena woman, but in the end, am I an artist who got dreams for the future.

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I'm basically finished with the pilot/issue 0 of Heavenly Kyuubi. It has been two years or three since planning and development for the setting started earlier than that.

But it's coming out on the 8th of March on it's dedicated Tumblr page and Newgrounds (though with Newgrounds it will be split in parts since one submission can only have ten pics at the same time).

I will also have to do make an ad for it since I still feel unsure about people reading journals. ^^;


If you're reading this, that means that I feel like accepting commissions and art trades again with the latter being more selective and would be done more likely with close friends.

Which is funny all things considered that there are some friends I haven't talked to that often but I still consider them my close friends. But then again, I'm the kind of person who believes in friendship being forged and shaped with time rather than having random people come up and ask me if I can be their friend.


As for what I will do next after releasing the Heavenly Kyuubi pilot I do plan on taking up game design again after many years and finally make a game, this one starring my treasure hunting kangaroo Roxy.

It only has some concept sketches and the working title of "Treasure Hunter" but this is a project that can be expected to take a while to finish since the first month will be dedicated to work on Roxy's sprites, controls and collission (which includes some simple enemies).


I have also been wondering how I can make streaming better like I have been wondering if I should be doing it at different times than I usually do it or if I just need to get better at advertising myself.

I just hope that I'm able to entertain all of you who choose to stick around.


You're also free to tell me if there's anything you like to see more of me, whether it be a certain theme or character (which I admit also depends on my mood).

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I'm mostly an anthro artist who also draws normal animals and robots, but I also welcome working on human characters.

While it looks like I don't to lots of backgrounds in my drawings, I'm still willing to o them and will do my best with them.

You can find what I will and will not do in this Google Doc: